About the market

Here are some shopping suggestions regarding the market opening and operation (for the time being)

We are in the fifth week of the season. In many ways, we are still a brand new market and in other ways, we are seasoned farmers market vendors and participants. Being a vendor owned market is a new concept. Starting from scratch with re-branding, new logo, new website, new social media and ALL during the Covid virus unknowns has been a challenge. We have heard many compliments and support comments since we have started the season.

Each market vendor, in simple terms, is their own little market business and farm stand. Every vendor has made contributions to create a viable and sustainable community farmers market.  

Your constructive comments and feedback will be shared with the vendors (email or private message through Facebook is appropriate)

Shopper guidelines

**First and foremost, if you are not feeling well, do not attend the market**

At this time, we appreciate a limited amount of family members visiting at once and any child attending, staying with their parents.

The farmers market vendors will be spaced apart, more than usual.

There are 6′ chalk markings throughout the market area for  “social distancing” reference

A hand-washing station as well as hand sanitizer is available near the market entrance. Hand sanitizer is also available at most if not all of the vendor tables.

One customer at a time is allowed at the vendor table. Please keep space between each other as you wait in line.

Pre-orders and pre-payments are available from many vendors. You may then do a quick pick up at the market.

Many vendors will have cashless transactions at their tent

Vendors that are taking cash MAY have a receptacle such as a jar, bag or box for customers to drop the money in.

Vendors that are taking cash MAY have a sign on their table that says “We cannot make change”

Many vendors will have their items pre-bagged and/or behind them out of reach of the customers. Please don’t touch any item that you are not going to purchase.

The vendors and I will do our best to get you a list of what will be available at the market to make your shopping more efficient. Many times the farmers may not know what’s ready for harvest until the morning of market.

The CDC website currently recommends wearing face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

We are so HAPPY to be open for the season and to have a wonderful property to share with LOTS of space to enjoy!fifth

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