Hope to see you at the market today. Corn, tomatoes, melons, okra, peppers, eggs, meats and MORE

Point Labaddie Farmers Market
Thursday, August 9, 2018
at the Point Labaddie Brewery
1029 Thiebes Rd, Labadie MO


Some of you may know that I manage a couple of farmers markets and have for a number of years. Opening a farmers market on the Point Labaddie property has been a great experience for me, for the vendors and for the Point Labaddie staff. It feels like the ideal setting for a farmers market. The property lays within boundaries that allow the farmers market vendors to set up and sell under the Missouri Cottage Regulations. have no expensive permit requirements or hard to negotiate, constantly changing city, county and municipality rules. I had been doing a lot of research and looking at A LOT of maps over the last few years looking for a spot JUST LIKE THIS! Several years ago, I sat in on meetings with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Department of Health and other state-level entities reading, editing, learning and discussing the Missouri Cottage Regulations. They seem fair and uncomplicated and a great way for small business entrepreneurs to get their feet wet, sell to the public, test the market and sell their wares. The problem is that the Missouri Cottage Regulations do not pertain to a majority of farmers market vendors that live in or attend markets in a “proper City, County or Municipality” that has their own set of regulations and codes and permits and fees. As a Home Rule State, those more local regulations will apply and are going to be stricter and not consistent from boundary to boundary. As a market manager, I can attest that this has been one of the biggest hurdles for market vendors that go to multiple markets in surrounding cities and counties. As the President of the Missouri Farmers Market Association, I have called, attended meetings, sent emails and been on the phone countless times and hours trying to figure out a way, if any that we can have standardized Statewide or at the least adjoining County, easy, affordable farmers market regulations and permits? So far, no go.

Meanwhile, we now have this lovely new market on the Point Labaddie property that falls within those parameters! WoooHooo! I have had numerous classes, certifications, experience and knowledge regarding food safety and good agriculture practices. I can assure you that having a market that is working under the Missouri Cottage Regulations does not mean it’s a free for all, no rules, regulations or safety or sanitation required! At least as long as I am managing it. I continue to have good communication with the vendors and stay updated on the USDA and other food safety news. Many of the vendors also have hours and hours of training, education and certifications regarding good agriculture practices, canning and preserving, Missouri Ag and Health codes, animal care and so forth.

We (the vendors and myself) are in the learning curve for how to use and take advantage of these regulations. I do not believe that ANY of us have been fortunate enough to have been active in a market using these regulations. Vendors will be able to add more “value-added” items to their tables. I hope that having this new market utilizing this rather unique set of guidelines will eventually bring us to a UNIQUE Farmers Market space! A market like few others in the area. There are a lot of options for customers to shop. There are a lot of markets for vendors to find their niche, make the most money and create the best relationships. My goal and those of the vendors that are attending is that we can start providing market customers with some delicious, vendor-made items that cannot be found in stores or at other markets.

ALSO, as we are trying to grow the customer base and entice more of you to become regular weekly (or at least regular) Point Labaddie Farmers Market customers, it is important for us to know what you would like to see or have at the market? Some things are just not possible but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!

Today the live music is The Legendary Greg Silsby (formerly of Cumberland Gap).
Prepared food by The Tamale Man.
Point Labaddie Beer, Missouri Wines, Local Soda

**Serena of Stuart Farm will have a variety of pastured non-GMO meat cuts (heritage breed pork and chicken cuts as well as ground beef) as well as pastured eggs
**Rosy Buck has some really unique foraged items, usually mushrooms, maybe some fresh cut flowers, kombucha, and a limited variety of locally produced, sustainable and regeneratively grown seasonal produce
**Wine Creek Farm grows using sustainable and regenerative methods. Sara and Josh will have unique and heirloom varieties of peppers, tomatillos, okra, as well as their housemade herbal salts and other seasonal produce
** Cathy of Papillon Perennials starts and cares for the plants in her nursery just down the road from the Market. She has a lot of natives, perennials, pollinators, succulents and some herbs
** Jamie of Three Girls and a Tractor works on the family farm with her sisters and parents. Jamie has pecans, popcorn, watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers and more
** Josh Spring owns and farms Crooked Tree Farm. Josh is bringing hundreds of pounds of a variety of tomatoes, beautiful, tasty and ready for slicing, canning and just biting into! He will also have beans and probably some of those lovely sweet peppers
There may be other vendors popping in that I have not heard from yet…


Thank you so much for your support.
See you at the market

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