Gliding into Summer. Come see us at the Market Today! “Wish Upon a Dove” release. Live Music. Don’t Miss.

Point Labaddie Farmers Market
Thursday, June 7, 2018
Point Labaddie Brewery, 1029 Thiebes Rd in Labadie MO. 


Yes it’s later then usual for me to post the market report and blog. But here I am and here it is. As the weather gets warmer and the crops start popping it’s more difficult to get the producers to get in front of a computer screen and answer my roll call email asking if they are not only attending, but what will they be harvesting and bringing to market. I just got the last of the list less than an hour ago….

Also, I have been mulling around what to write this week concerning this new market. My thoughts, the vendors thoughts, the comments from the community and shoppers has all been swirling in my head over the last week. Starting a new business is both fun and frustrating. It’s exciting and challenging. It has it’s up and downs and takes a lot of patience.

This farmers market for all practical purposes is a new business. All of the vendors that attend the market are all little businesses. The farmers market is created as a place of commerce for many small businesses to come together; a place for a community to shop. In addition it should also build into a space where relationships with producers and customers are forged AND EVERYONE should have an enjoyable, positive experience! Whewww! That’s what is in the process of happening here at the Point Labaddie Farmers Market (I hope).

As the current President of the Missouri Farmers Market Association and a member at large for several years, I hear a lot of comments from all over the State regarding the successes and downfalls of many, many farmers markets. What works? What doesn’t work? You may or may not know this, but Missouri ranks in the top 10 States in the United States with the amount of farmers markets. We have as many farmers markets in our State with only 9 or 10 other States having just as many or more than us. That’s a lot of markets!

My hope for the Point Labaddie Farmers Market is to keep it a producer only, food and farmer focused farmers market. It will only get as big as the customer base supports it. As vendors come and as they sell more, they are excited to come back and excited to tell other vendors. In addition, as the current vendors sell more and tend to sell out, then  the vendor base will grow in order to meet the demand. It really is a two edged sword as I can’t bring in more vendors until the customer base grows and the vendors can’t afford to come until the customer base grows. And the customers and community want the market to grow and expand before they get really excited about it!  What is a manager to do?!!

What I have been doing and will continue to do is to bring you a little bit of everything that is available and in season from week to week. Every week there should be a variety of seasonal produce, eggs, meat, honey, plants and flowers as well as baked goods and other value added items and some artisan wares. As you come from week to week and share a portion of your time and budget with the local, small businesses, you will continue to see the market flourish, grow and become more vibrant. The vendors as well as myself are here to give you our very best from week to week!

This week follow the links to the vendors that I have posted; visit their sites and get to know them. In the next few weeks, as the summer season continues to flourish we will have a few more produce vendors back to join us.

Many of you have visited and have given us some really great, positive, kind and supportive comments. It means a lot to all of us and those words are invaluable. THANK YOU! I know many of you are “waiting” for the sweet corn, tomatoes, melons and really popular, classic Missouri summer produce. I get it. I love all of those too! And it is hard to wait. But while you are waiting, come to the market and buy what’s here. Fresh, just picked, seasonal and local directly from the grower and producer. The meat, the eggs, the produce is outstanding. And this venue, Point Labaddie Brewery and the 17 acres of fun and beauty! We are loving it here. It feels like what a farmers market is supposed to feel like!

As for me and all the vendors and the Point Labaddie Brewery crew, we want this market to pop! The place to be on Thursdays from 4pm-7pm, every week, ALL SEASON! The place to stop, even for an hour. Shop, eat, drink, take a breath, take it in, enjoy. I look forward to seeing all of you and thank you ever so much for your continued support and welcome into the neighborhood!

Live Music by Ryan Kemp. Great Point Labaddie Beer.  And a beautiful setting!

Hope to see you at the market.
market manager

Great Made to Order Sandwiches from HILLBILLY PHILLY’s!

Rosy Buck Farm- 
Sugar Snap Peas
Garlic Scapes
Radish Pods
Morel Mushrooms

Three Girls and a Tractor
Raw Honey

Wine Creek Farm
Asian Green Salad Mix
Bulb Fennel
Collard Greens
Fresh Tarragon
Fennel Tops
Flat Leaf Parsley
Zwolsche Krul Curly Leaf Celery

Farrar Out Farm
Pastured, non-GMO beef, chicken and pork cuts
Pastured eggs
Occasional organically grown produce

Alpacas of Troy
Pastured Pork Cuts
Specialty Sausages
Occasional Goat meat
Alpaca yarn and fiber crafts

Papillon Perennials
an assortment of native, perennials, pollinators, herbs and more

Trail Lodge Tea
today Annette will be preparing a fresh brewed iced tea
She also creates an assortment of custom blended loose leaf teas
hand embroidered tea towels and other tea accessories



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