Market Opens Today. Local, seasonal produce, meats, eggs, mushrooms, native plants, pecans and MORE

Point Labaddie Farmers Market
Thursday, May 10th, 2018
Point Labaddie Brewery, 1029 Thiebes Rd, Labadie MO


It’s the first day of a new farmers market. We are all excited and hope you are too! The Grimm Brothers, the vendors and the market managers are all ready for you, the community to come visit, support and enjoy the farmers market today and throughout the season. We hope you come and enjoy meeting the vendors, making purchases and taking home  local, seasonal home grown, home made foods and handmade a items. Grab a bite to eat, enjoy a beverage, listen to live music and soak in the great weather we have been enjoying. As the season progresses the vendor list will grow and evolve as the produce seasons change and the vendors settle into a schedule. We encourage you to come as often as you can and meet the vendors each week. Take home some local goodness, support local small business and stay engaged in your local community.

I will be sharing informational and educational (hopefully entertaining and interesting) blogs, articles, recipes and inspirational stories throughout the season. If you have any questions about local, seasonal, sustainable, restorative, conventional and/or other farming or production methods, please let me know. I will do my best to follow up with the information you are looking for and asking about. I look forward to the 2018 Point Labaddie Farmers Market season.

See you at the market!

Live Music by The Wise Bros. Great beer by the Grimm Brothers and fantastic front of the house hospitality brought to you by Pete Browne! Don’t miss!

Today’s Vendor List and Market Report Include (but not limited to) VERY LOCAL and a GREAT Variety today for being so early in the season….

-The Tamale Man– Fresh, made to order and frozen handmade tamales (and sauces); pork, chicken and vegetarian.
-Roxy’s Grill– Made to order, grilled sandwiches and Roxy’s Special French Toast
-Mr B’s Hot Sauce– A variety of locally produced hot sauces; they grown their own peppers!
-Farrar Out Farm– Locally produced, 100% grass fed and non GMO beef, pork, lamb and chicken cuts, pastured eggs and seasonal, produce **New, 100% beef, nitrate free hot dogs**
-Rosy Buck Farm- 
A variety of local, seasonal, sustainably grown produce, fresh mushrooms and a variety of kombucha
**today’s list includes, and abundance of stunning salad mixes, sorrel, spinach, a variety of sprouts, pea shoots and radishes, morel mushrooms and kombucha**
-Stuart Farm-
local, sustainable, pastured and non GMO pork,chicken, beef and eggs. The Stuarts raise heritage breed hogs, beeves and Freedom Ranger chickens.
-Alpacas of Troy-
a variety of hand spun yarns and alpaca fiber crafts including dryer balls as well as a variety of pastured pork cuts and specialty sausages
-El Chico Bakery- a variety of fruit filled empanadas, cookies and traditional Mexican pastries
-Three Girls and a Tractor-
a variety of seasonal, local produce, popping corn, native pecans and just have to wait and see!!
River Hills Homestead– very local (just down the road) kale, edible cactus and
**native plants that will include; Jack in the Pulpit, Bluebells, Wild Geranium, Columbine, Wild Sweet William, Monarda, Poppy Mallows and MORE**
Grand Army Farm – also very local and just down the road includes a variety of eggs (quail, duck, chicken, maybe goose). Perhaps duck, rabbit and quail meat. Angora yarn and fiber crafts. As well as a few unique surprises
Trail Lodge Tea– A variety of unique, hand blended teas and tea accessories as well as baked goods that will include
**Cheddar Chive Scones and Tart Cherry and Chocolate Chip Scones. A variety of Teacake cookies will be boxed ready to take home to enjoy or freeze for later (Mothers Day)**
-Wine Creek Farm-
a variety of local, seasonal produce grown with care using sustainable production methods. **Today they will have kale, salad blend, collards, some veggie plant 6pks and herb/hot pepper seasoning salts**
St Louis Mushrooms and Wild Foods– Fresh and dried mushrooms, mushroom tinctures and more. ** Today includes chaga, morels, hericium, Ling Chi**

Non-Food Vendors Today Include:
-One Eye Blind- handmade wooden spoons and spatulas, feedbag totes and purses
-Stella Grace- for your little princess handbands, tutus, tees and more
-Goose Creek Soap- a variety of handmade soaps and bodycare products
-TopKnotCH- unique headbands, hair ties and  more
-Wilton Company Designs -paintings as well as home decor items made from barn wood

See you soon!

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