Exciting News. New Season. New Farmers Market

I am excited to work with the folks at Point Labaddie to create a new market for the local community coming in late Spring 2018 . With almost 10 years of market managing experience and passion to draw on, I am really looking forward to the opportunity of starting this market from the ground up. Creating relationships centered around local producers, seasonal home grown and home made food items, locally branded and artisan food is my goal as I work to bring in vendors and organize this market. Point Labaddie’s owners and staff have impressed me with their philosophy and desire to use locally grown ingredients when possible and to develop relationships within this community. Based on this camaraderie, I think we will make a great team.

The market will not only be a great community event space, but a place of commerce. Each week I hope to present the community and customer base with not only traditional and much anticipated local produce, but I also hope to include some unique items, producers and artisans. My goal is to have the market as a viable place for the community to shop and support local farmers, various producers, small businesses and culinary entrepreneurs. I will also invite some local artisans and non-food vendors to join us each week.

I currently anticipate the market to open in mid May and run until early October. The market is scheduled for Thursdays, 4-7 p.m.
Please look for website and social media updates.

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